What Is the Best Bread for French Toast?

Technically, any bread is an option for your French toast recipe, but it is the most important ingredient in your meal, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing a high-quality bread for a better-tasting breakfast. When you’re choosing which bread to make French toast with, top options include:

  • Brioche: If you choose to make French toast out of this type of bread, you’ll want to slice it between a half-inch and an inch thick in order to get a breakfast that’s soft and fluffy. Brioche is the best bread for soaking up the egg mixture and has its own sweet and buttery flavor that adds to the overall flavor of the dish.
  • Challah: Challah does not have as much sweetness as other types of bread, but you could rectify that by adding more sugar to your egg mixture or on top of the toast when you serve it. However, challah is the best option if you prefer a more savory recipe. Since it is larger and denser than other types of bread, you’ll want to cut it into slices no thicker than a half-inch.
  • Baguette: This French bread does a great job of soaking up the egg mixture, but it doesn’t do so as quickly as brioche, so you’ll need to let each piece soak for longer than normal. You’ll want to cut the baguette into slices about a half-inch thick. Because this is a longer and thinner type of bread, there will be plenty of slices to go around!
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